About Us

OM SATTVA CHARITABLE TRUST,a public charitable Trust Registered, to commemorate & cherish memory of most prominent Phaco Surgeon, true human welfare person, Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Pandey. The primary objective of the Trust is to provide health services to those backward areas where medical facility is not reach easily.

Om Sattva Charitable Trust is a non profitable organization started for various health needs of non affording people. One of the basic human rights is the Right of Sight. We have to ensure that no citizen goes blind needlessly or being blind does not remain so, if by reasonable deployment of skills and resources, his sight can be preventing from deteriorating, or if already lost, can be restored. To begin with we have launched this project in the field of eye care as we feel the need to do some work for people who are gradually being pushed into a world of darkness, mostly due to ignorance, lack of education & poverty.


We are NGO which does not believe in having only a disease oriented approach, rather it believes in having an approach by which it can reinstate the loss of confidence of the rural population in the medical community. Besides providing the best possible treatment & advice for a particular disease or disability, we believe in making the rural & poor feel this institution as place where they can walk in freely without the fear of having to pay large amounts of money or not the of services. We believe that the financially & socially backward people of our society also have the right to have the right of being treated in neat & clean hospitable & get the best medical, paramedical services & care.


The main objectives of the trust are-

  • To endeavor through research & investigations to ascertain the causes whether direct or indirect, this may result in blindness or impaired vision.
  • To engage in community service activities & advise measures which shall lead to control or elimination of preventable blindness.
  • To disseminate knowledge concerning all matters pertaining to the care & use of eyes.
  • To publish studies, periodicals reports & other literature relating to prevention of blindness.
  • To acquire establish & maintain one or more state of the art, fully equipped charitable centers.
  • To provide best care in basics parallel to the best care available anywhere in India.
  • To construct hospital buildings or to take buildings or hiring for running hospital or medical centers.
  • To provide for specialized services in the field of eye surgery treatment.
  • To acquired and operate modern equipments and machinery in the field of eye surgery treatment.
  • To obtain various licenses, permits, permission, copy-right, trade mark etc.